Chart Reports: Printing and Saving the Chart


  1. How to Save and Print
  2. Customizing The Chart Report

The chart report provides a method to quickly save or print information about a specific chart.

How to Save and Print

While viewing the desired chart, hit the 'print button', as shown below:

Print and Save Button


This will bring up the 'Print and Save' modal, which provides the options to choose to print a chart report, or save as an image:

Print and Save Modal


Below is an example of what the printed chart report will look like:

Example of Print PreviewPrinted.png

Below is an example of a chart report image:

Example of a Chart Report Image


Note: Chart report image is only available in Google Chrome.

Customizing The Chart Report

The chart report can be customized by using the filters on the time line (click to read more about the time line)

Below is the time line filters:

Time Line Filter Tools


A break down on the options and there effect:

  • Search Term - Only should resources whose title, or description contain a particular word or phrase.
  • Date Range - Only show resources which fall within a particular date range.
  • Resource Type - Only show resources of a given type.

Lastly, if you would like to get a chart report with only the chart, you can achieve this by clicking the button to 'Hide Time Line':


Click to Hide Time Line!


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