Navigation - resource navigation toolbars and hot keys

Navigating is now much easier and quicker with Navigation Hot Keys (NHKs) and Resource Navigation Toolbars (RNTs). 

Resource Navigation Toolbars provide drop-down selection inputs to quickly select and navigate to another resource.

Navigation Hot Keys allow you to use the keyboard to navigate resources (Performers, Groups, Users, Charts) within various interfaces. 

Combined they make navigating 2x quicker!

Resource Navigation Toolbars

To use Resource Navigation Toolbars, just look for the grey toolbar below the main nav bar on certain interfaces.

The Resource Navigation Toolbar can be found on the following interfaces:

  • Performer Detail - Use the RNT to quickly navigation to a different performer from within another performer's detail record. 


  • User Detail - The RNT is also available on the User Detail screen. You can quickly navigation between users using the RNT.



Why would you use this?

Great question! There are many reasons to use the Resource Navigation Toolbar!

  1. It sounds amazing! and

  2. The RNT allows you to quickly navigate to other resources to improve workflow, increase efficiencies and give you more time to teach! 

For example: 

If you wanted to quickly add data across a number of common charts for a group of performers, you could:

  1. select the group
  2. select the first performer in the group
  3. navigate to the worksheet
  4. enter data
  5. select the next performer from the View Performer dropdown in the RNT



Searching in Drop-Downs

To make things even easier, you can search within each drop-down menu.

To search, simply place your cursor in the drop-down you'd like to search and start typing! The list of available resources will automatically start filtering based on what you type. Easy-peasy!

Aaaaannnndddd ACTION!



With Resource Navigation Toolbars, gone are the days of clicking back, clicking forward, clicking up and clicking down, and now we're doing the cha-cha! Wait, no we're CHARTING! Which is much better!


Navigation Hot Keys

Navigation Hot Keys allow a Charter to quickly navigate by using keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts are available anywhere the Resource Navigation Toolbar is present. Let's take a look!

In the above image, which shows us the Resource Navigation Toolbar located on the Performer Detail screen, you can see the two resource navigation drop-down menus. Just above them are the drop-down labels, in this case there are two. Foreshadowing imminent! Notice the underlined letters?

  • Filter Performer by Group - This drop-down menu provides you with a list of all your active groups.

  • View Performer - The View Performer drop-down menu provides you a filtered list of all your Performers based on the group selection. 

Now for the fun part! 

The underlined letters in the drop-down menu labels are the Hot Keys! Those sneaky hot keys! Hiding in plain sight all this time. 

To activate a hot key, you simply press the corresponding key on your keyboard.

To navigate to the next Group, press the letter <g>, to navigate to the next Performer, press the letter <p>. It's so amazingly simple yet so satisfying! It's like riding a bike with no hands!

But wait there's more!

Going forward is generally best, we highly recommend it, but if you happen to need to take a step or two backwards, there's a way to do it with just the keyboard!

To navigate in reverse order hold down <shift> + <hot key>. So to navigate to the previous group, press <shift> + <g> or <shift> + <p> to select the previous performer.

Navigation Hot Keys works wherever the Resource Navigation Toolbar can be found. 



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