How do I assign a pinpoint to a performer?

 We're so glad you're ready to assign a pinpoint to a performer! If you've already created a pinpoint and a performer, then here's what you do next:


  1. Navigate to your Performers page and click on the performer who needs a pinpoint.
  2. Click on the blue button that says "Create Chart."
  3. Browse or search for the pinpoint you want to add.
  4. Add or change your chart preferences, and click "Create Chart."
  5. You're new chart is now waiting for data to be entered!

In Depth

From your Dashboard, select your Performers page, and click on the performer who needs a pinpoint.


Click on "Create chart."


Search or browse for the pinpoint you'd like to add. When you find it, select it.

You can review the pinpoint defaults and change some things to be specific for your performer. If you don't have some of this information yet, that's ok! You can change these later.

When you've modified all these preferences, click "Create Chart."


You've done it! Now your performer has a new pinpoint! Time to implement practice and take some data!

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