Add a Condition for a Performer

Has a major change occurred for one of your performers? Be sure to add it as a condition!

Here's how:


  1. Navigate to your Performer's worksheet.
  2. Click "Conditions."
  3. Click "Add Condition."
  4. Create a Condition: type in a title & description, choose a condition type, select associated pinpoints, and enter a start date.
  5. Click "Save."

In Depth

Navigate to the performer who needs a Condition added. Then select "Conditions" from the horizontal menu bar.

From the Conditions tab, click "Add Condition."

From the Create a Condition screen, start by entering a Title. Adding a Description is optional.

Next, select a Type of condition.

Remember: an Annotation will not interrupt your data stream and analyses, while an Intervention will start a new celeration line for that condition. (The other difference is that an Annotation shows up as a dotted black line on a chart, while an Intervention line is a solid red.)

If you want this Condition to show up on a particular chart, then associate that pinpoint by selecting it from the drop down menu.

This step is optional, so leave it blank if the condition does not directly affect any current pinpoints. Don't worry--you can make changes later.

Now click on the calendar icon to assign a date to this Condition change.

Click "Save" to finish up.

That's it! We hope you'll create many conditions as you follow the data and adapt to your performer's needs. Thanks for caring enough to chart.

For more information on Condition Changes, check out our blog on this subject:
Condition Change or Phase Change?

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