Introducing: CentralReach PrecisionX

With CR PrecisionX , you will continue to have access to the best-in-class Standard Celeration Charting software to move decision-making closer to the point of care. Along with the rebranded product,  CentralReach is happy to announce additional investments in the software, research, and people to help deliver precision care. We can’t wait to share more so please review this FAQs for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the rebrand of the Chartlytics product occurring?

A: The rebrand will occur on November 21st, 2019. The rebrand release number will be 10.0.0.

Q: Why are you rebranding Chartlytics to CentralReach PrecisionX/CR PrecisionX?

A: This rebrand will enable us to bring the product more fully into the CentralReach family, wedding the brands for unified investment in software and services that help you produce superior outcomes for your clients.

Q: Are you changing the URLs to access the platforms, website and support site?

A: Yes, there are minor changes to the URLs, which are detailed below:

  • Chartlytics app :
  • Support Site (Zendesk) :
  • Corporate website :

To ensure a smooth and non disruptive transition, all legacy URLs will automatically redirect you to the new URLs listed here. We encourage you to update your bookmarks and go directly to the new URLs as soon as possible. You will need to login again.

Q: What are you rebranding?

A: We will be updating URLs, plus the look and feel of the following

  • Chartlytics login page, logo, and navigation bar colors
  • Zendesk, the help site will be updated
  • Chartlytics’ corporate webpage will updated with new content
  • Chartlytics email addresses

Additionally, Precision Teaching University will be sunset on November 30, 2019. To access 30+ precision teaching CEUs, along with new trainings designed to help onboard staff with precision teaching basics, please visit the new CentralReach Learning Management System. Access push-button solution to create, deliver, manage and track onboarding and training content for all your staff.

Q: Is my login username and password changing?

A: Your username and password for the app will remain the same and are not changing.

Q: How will you refer to the platform from now on?

A: We will reference the Chartlytics app as follows:

  • Chartlytics is now CR PrecisionX

Q: Are features and functionality changing in any way?

A: No -- the digital Standard Celeration Chart, along with the Pinpoint+ Generator and other features you know and love, will remain the same. We are planning enhancements for the future, and will keep you updated with all new releases.

Q: Is my invoice changing?

A: You should continue to receive your invoices from the CentralReach customer portal powered by NetSuite. On your invoice, any references to the product will change to CR PrecisionX, and any references to the company will change to CentralReach. If you are not currently receiving an invoice, please contact your customer success lead.

Q: Is the support site changing?

A: Apart from a new URL,, the help site is being updated with fresh content, and the removal of dated content. The site will also be rebranded with a new look and feel, colors and logos.

Q: Are you changing the way I can submit a support ticket?

A: No, you can continue to submit your support tickets via the in-app tool in the CR PrecisionX platform.

Q: Are you changing your support email address?

A: Yes, the support email is changing to precisionx To ensure there is a smooth transition, any emails sent to the old email addresses will be automatically redirected to the new email address. We encourage you to update your address book as soon as possible.

Q: Will the same people who supported Chartlytics continue to deliver support for
CR PrecisionX?

A: Yes, the team will remain as is and will have additional support from other CentralReach team members. CentralReach is providing expanded resources to ensure we maintain and elevate the quality of innovation, support, and service we provide to our customers.

Q: Where should I expect to receive corporate communications (Release details, news & other updates) from?

A: Corporate emails will continue to be sent to you directly from CentralReach. Please
be on the lookout for emails coming from

Q: Are you changing your team members email addresses?

A: No, you can continue to reach the CR PrecisionX team members at their CentralReach email addresses, which you have been using these past months.

Q: What is included on the product roadmap for CR PrecisionX?

A: Our product roadmap is a strategic, phased approach to enhance current functionality, add high-priority features, and integrate with the CentralReach platform. We will be at the Standard Celeration Society Conference if you’d like to talk further.

Q: Will there be regularly scheduled maintenance on the CR PrecisionX platform?

A: Not at this time. We will update you if a maintenance schedule is released.


About CentralReach

Q: What is CentralReach’s mission?

A: To provide a complete, end-to-end software and services platform that enables administrators, clinicians, and executives of ABA practices to produce superior outcomes for people with autism
and related disorders.

Q: How many organizations and users does CentralReach have?

A: CentralReach supports 1000+ organizations and 80,000+ users in the United States. CentralReach primary services ABA therapy providers, but also has a handful of Speech, OT, Schools and Multi-Disciplinary customers.

Q: How does the depth and breadth of the combined CentralReach solutions provide value to customers?

A: CentralReach is a successful customer-driven technology company committed to helping our customers gain efficiencies and grow their business so they can focus on what matters most – helping people with autism and related disorders produce superior outcomes. As such, we
are and will continue to heavily invest in the breadth of solutions so our customers have
access to the latest technology needed to disseminate ABA. CR PrecisionX customers
now have more tools at their fingertips when ready to scale their business.

Q: If I have an interest in seeing CentralReach, is there an option to learn more?

A: Yes, absolutely. To learn more about CentralReach’s enterprise platform, or the CR Essentials small business solution, please contact us at A CentralReach representative will follow up as soon as possible.

Q: I have more questions, who should I go to?

A: Please continue to go to your regular CR PrecisionX point of contact for any questions you may have.


If you'd like to download a PDF of our FAQs, please click here.


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