10.3.0: Updates to the Data Report


The 10.3.0 release contains updates to chart metrics data and added fields to the Data Report, which will improve the process of analyzing clinical data.

The following updates and product improvements have been released in CR PrecisionX:

  • The “Charts” section has been renamed to “Reporting”.
  • Users with Tier 1, full control access can enable/disable users’ access to the Reporting section by enabling/disabling the new permission, “View Reporting Section”.
  • The following updates have been made to the Data report:
    • New categories and fields have been added:
      • Categories
        • Within-Condition Metrics
        • Between-Condition Metrics
        • Current Condition
        • Previous Condition
      • Fields in the Performer, Chart, and Pinpoint groups
        • Performer Tags
        • Aim Goal (Acceleration or Deceleration)
        • Aggregation Method
      • Each row in the Reporting section now represents a condition, so users have access to all of their calculated metrics for all time and for all performers assigned to each user.
      • There are 3 new filter/display options:
        • Chart Recurrence: users can toggle between Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly charts. Only one filter can be selected at a time. The default filter is set to “Daily”.
        • Aggregation: standardizes calculated metrics to one aggregation method for users to appropriately compare metrics across charts for consistent internal reporting. The default is set to “geometric mean” aggregation, but users can choose whichever aggregation method offered.
        • Conditions to Show: provides the option to review “All Conditions”, “Current Conditions”, “Current and Previous Conditions”, and a time range of conditions.
          • Please note, the current condition is defined as the most recent condition drawn on a non-archived chart, and the condition must have had a measurement within the last 60 days.
        • An updated user interface and design.
      • Bug fixes related to how the “Improvement Index” and “Level Multiplier” were displayed in the chart view.

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