Pinning Columns

The Reporting section provides a large amount of categorized data. It is important to keep track of the data most relevant to the user’s reporting needs. Pinning columns to the left or right of the screen to create report Views is an effective tool in interacting with the data to identify the columns that matter most for each reporting need.

To pin columns to the left or right:

  1. Navigate to the column you want to pin and select the menu menu.png button
  2. In the pop-up, hover over Pin Column to pin the column to the left or right of the screen.


3. If pinned left, the column will appear as the left-most column and will remain that way as you scroll right. Users can pin as many columns to the left or right to build the report that is most important.

4. To undo a pin, return to the same pop-up pictured above and select No Pin. This will return the column to the section and order in which it originally belongs. 

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