How to Export Data

To export data in the Reporting section:

  1. Click Export on the upper right-hand side
    • Or, right click anywhere in the grid and hover over Export
  2. Select the type of export (.xlsx or .csv). The file will automatically download to your “Downloads” folder.

The export functionality will export the data as configured by the user. For example, if the user has filtered on a performer’s name and then exports the data, the downloaded file will contain data only on the filtered performer’s name.

In addition, any metrics values that are contained in the Excel file will be in raw number form. The raw number form can be converted to include growth and decay symbols using the table below:




≥ 1

None needed; add “x” before.

1.25 = x1.25

< 1

Divide value into 1; add “÷” before

0.91 = 1/0.91 = ÷1.10

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