Column Width and Position

In the Reporting section, the same default column width is assigned for all rows of data, for easier viewing of all available data. However, some data provided are lengthier in size than other data (such as the difference between the length of values in Pinpoint Name vs. Accel Celeration). Columns can be resized to view all information in the cell.

There are 2 options for expanding the columns to fit all of the information contained in them:

  1. Resize 1 column:
    • Either click and drag the right vertical edge of each column header, or double click it.
    • Click the menu button next to the column label, then Autosize This Column.
  2. Resize all columns:
    • Click the menu button next to the column label, then Autosize All Columns.

The data in the Reporting section is broken into several sections, relating to the category in which the data falls (such as Performer, Chart, Current Condition, etc.). Users can move data between sections for comparison. Whenever a column is moved out of its native section, the section label will continue to display above the column so that users can categorize their data effectively.

After ordering columns, to return to the default positioning without losing any of the filters currently existing in the grid, select the menu button on any column and then Reset Columns.

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