11.0: A New Permission, Saving Report Views, and Exporting Reports


The 11.0 release contains a new permission and the ability to save reporting views in the Reporting section.

The following updates and product improvements will be released in CR PrecisionX:

  • A new permission, “Manage Org Reporting Views”, allows users to create, edit, and delete organization reporting views.
  • When clicking “Save” in the Reporting section, users can name and save the current configuration of the data report for later use.
  • A new “Open View” button has been added to the Reporting section to provide users with the option to apply a view that has already been created. Users can also delete views, edit names of views, or apply views shared to their organization.
  • An “Export” icon has been added to the upper right-hand side of the Reporting section with the option to download an Excel or CSV file. The current view will be exported, as well as all columns and filters applied.
  • When viewing a chart and selecting the “back” button to return to the Reporting section, the report will display the most recent configuration instead of refreshing all previously-applied filters.
  • The following fields have been added to the "Chart" category of the Reporting section:
    • Advisor, Timer, and Charter.

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