How to use the FACC

The FACC is a "Functional Analysis Celeration Chart" used predominantly for maladaptive behaviors. It enables users to compare time series trends of each condition in the FACC and displays behavior grouped by a condition in time series versus grouped by condition sequential.

To create an FACC chart:

  1. Create an FACC pinpoint.
    • In the Pinpoints tab, click Create FACC.
    • Complete the "Detection" step on the Pinpoint+ Generator to name the pinpoint. 
    • Optionally, complete Procedures/Plan.
    • Add at least two conditions/slices. 
  2. Add the pinpoint to a Performer.
    • In the Performer tab, choose a performer. 
    • Click Add chart
    • Click to add the FACC pinpoint. (Tip: filter by Types > Types > FACC to view FACC pinpoints).
  3. View Chart and change to FACC mode.
    • Click View Chart. (Tip: Alternatively, navigate to Performer > Click Performer > Pinpoints > Types > FACC to sort for FACC charts).
    • In the chart menu, click Options > Chart Display Options > FACC Mode.
    • Now, the chart will display behavior grouped by condition in time series.

Please note: Only charts with an FACC pinpoint will have the Chart Display Option: FACC Mode.

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