How to Add Users

Users with the (Manager Users) permission can add new users to an organization’s account.

To add new users:

  1. Select the organization's name in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Select Users and click Invite User
  3. Invite the new user by Email or Username & Password
    • If “Email” is selected, the user will receive an email with a generic password that will need to be accessed within 24-48 hours. Users will then need to change their password.
    • If “Username & Password” is selected, users should reset their password upon login. Select Reset Password on First Login to have users automatically reset their passwords.
  4. If Inviting by email, enter the new member’s Full Name and Email


5. Select a user type from the “User Types” drop-down:

  • Full Access: Access to more than one performer. Please note, these accounts will be charged.
    • Permissions: Relates to the organization account and what functions are available to users.
    • Access Controls: Different levels of access to ALL performers. Each tier provides access to all performers.
      • None: User does not have access to any performers, unless assigned to them.
      • Tier 1 (Full Control)
      • Tier 2 (Read/Write/Delete Data Entry)
      • Tier 3 (Read/Write Data Entry)
      • Tier 4 (Read Only)


  • Single Client/ Performer Access: Provides access only to one client, because the Access Controls are defaulted to “None”. This user type is recommended for parents.


  • Read-only:
    • None: User does not have access to any performers, unless assigned to them.
    • Tier 4 (Read Only): Access to ALL performers in the account.


  • Click here to learn more about user roles and permissions.

6. Click Invite User

7. To permit users to access certain performers, add the new user to Performers.


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